Data Leakage

We investigate the internet, going after any sign of confidential data leakage. This way, we reduce reaction time and avoid compromising your company's sensitive information.

How our monitoring works

  • Define What's Important

    Tell us which data you need to keep in total secrecy. This could be documents, employee emails, your customer base, data of executives, or any other information that is important to be kept secret.

  • Monitor all digital channels

    With your priorities defined, we use Artificial Intelligence to monitor every channel in search of even the slightest sign of data leakage. Whether on sites, social networks or forums, we make sure nothing gets through the net.

  • Remove the risks for your company

    With the problems identified, we work to take all leaked content out of circulation. You can also count on our Assisted Takedown to guarantee everything is carried out in the fastest and most comprehensive way possible.

36 hours

36 hours average time from detection to correction of the threat.

85 %

85% success rate for elimination of risks.

88 %

88% cases solved in up to 2 notifications.

Axur Digital Experiences Made safe
Fight Against Data Leak Cyberlockers

You company's information deserves total security

Know before everyone

Our platform constantly monitors risks, so you can take the necessary actions and protect your clients. All before the problem becomes big news.

Churn under control

Data is always protected, with a well-defined plan to solve incidents. This guarantees the security your clients need to remain part of your base.

Data Leakage Discovery protects your company against:

Leakage of top secret information

When your company’s confidential data or documents become available without your permission on the internet this can affect the reputation of your company, as it gives the impression of vulnerability in your security systems.

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Awareness about vulnerabilities

Security breaches, when discovered and shared, can affect the credibility of your company. Suspicious users won’t do business again and it makes it harder to attract new clients.

Leaked customer data

Disclosure of sensitive customer data from your base could be disastrous for your company's credibility. This kind of incident needs to be corrected as quickly as possible to minimize damage to your image.

Data Leakage Use Case
data leakage discovery

Custom Protection

Fighting Password Leaks

Data Leakage Discovery

  • Sensible Data Leakage

Choose a safer internet for your brand and your clients

Frequent questions

Still not sure about something? Take a look at the answers we've prepared to help you.

Does Axur have access to any internal information from my company?

No, Axur’s services only monitor threats outside your perimeter, that is, anything beyond your firewall. All information stored on our platform is public data that represents some risk to your company.

Does Axur offer services and support?

Yes, we make every effort to ensure that all our customers have the best experience with our Customer Success department. In addition, we have a CSIRT consisting of a Professional Services team who are specialists in Digital Risks.

Which data sources are monitored by Axur?

Axur One protects our customers from digital risks found in social networks, mobile, superficial web, deep web, marketplaces, spam email and other digital platforms. Monitoring sources may vary according to the needs of our customers.

How do I get to know the Axur One platform?

Fill in your contact information at our Request a Demo page and one of our specialists will contact you.