Digital Brand

Effortlessly protect your brand’s reputation online. We scan the web continuously to spot fake applications, social media profiles and any other profile or website looking to profit from your brand image.

How our monitoring works

  • Define What's Important

    Decide what risks are the greatest threat to your digital presence based on your strategy. This way our technology can concentrate on what is most relevant to your brand and identify risks faster.

  • Monitor all digital channels

    With defined priorities, we use Artificial Intelligence to monitor every channel in search of threats. Whether in sites, apps, social networks, emails, marketplaces and even in the deep web, we make sure nothing passes unnoticed.

  • Remove your brand's risks

    Once threats are identified, we remove all unverified content associated with them. This is done by utilising our automatic tools Assisted Takedown or OneShot.

36 hours

36 hours average time from detection to correction of the threat.

85 %

85% success rate for elimination of risks.

88 %

88% cases solved in up to 2 notifications.

Axur Digital Experiences Made safe

OneShot Takedown

We send automated notifications to servers hosting unauthorized offers.

False Profile Monitoring

With large-scale action, you have the best cost benefit between the removal of unauthorized content and the time of your team. Count on OneShot Takedown for:

  • Removal of irregular offers in marketplaces.
  • Correction of product information sold on other websites.

88% cases solved in up to 2 notifications

OneShot Takedown has maximum efficiency on platforms that handle batch identity incidents.

Fast Takedown
Misuse in paid search

Caring for your brand image means protecting your biggest asset

Communication without the noise

Give your customers a single path to find everything they need to know about your brand. Better control your content and offer a great experience.

Take control of the conversation

Take down websites, profiles and media impersonating your brand and instantly become the sole focal point of all consumer interaction.

Digital Brand Compliance protects your brand against:

Brand abuse

Unauthorized people using your brand to take advantage of the credibility it has with the public. Incidents like this affect the image and reputation of your brand, pushing away clients and creating losses for your business.

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Similar domains

Criminals can register domains that are similar to your brand’s (with typing errors or switched letters, for example) with two objectives: selling them to you or using them to trick your customers and steal their data.

Fraudulent Apps

An unofficial application uses your brand to attract your customers and steal data, share misleading information or sell them fake products. Regardless of the objective, acts like these compromise user trust in your official apps.

Fake profiles on social networks

With limited resources (the logo and name of your company), anybody can create a fake profile on a social network and make it seem like your brand. This kind of identity appropriation causes you to lose control of the interactions and information you share with your clients.

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Fake address on Google Maps

Fake addresses associated with your brand attract people to the wrong places in the physical world. At the least, this can lead to frustration in a potential client, putting your reputation and revenues at risk.

Brand misuse in paid search

Your brand can be used in fake ads that appear in search engines. When searching for terms relating to your company, your client will be exposed to this content on the first page of the search engine, where they can be tricked and directed away from the purchase journey.

Trademark Abuse
digital brand compliance

Custom protection

Protect your brand

Digital Brand Compliance

  • Make sure no one is using your brand without authorization

Choose a safer internet for your brand and your clients

Frequent questions

Still not sure about something? Take a look at the answers we've prepared to help you.

Does Axur have access to any internal information from my company?

No, Axur’s services only monitor threats outside your perimeter, that is, anything beyond your firewall. All information stored on our platform is public data that represents some risk to your company.

Does Axur offer services and support?

Yes, we make every effort to ensure that all our customers have the best experience with our Customer Success department. In addition, we have a CSIRT consisting of a Professional Services team who are specialists in Digital Risks.

Which data sources are monitored by Axur?

Axur One protects our customers from digital risks found in social networks, mobile, superficial web, deep web, marketplaces, spam email and other digital platforms. Monitoring sources may vary according to the needs of our customers.

How do I get to know the Axur One platform?

Fill in your contact information at our Request a Demo page and one of our specialists will contact you.