Discover and eliminate digital fraud and risks on the web

Use Axur’s entire AI potential, along with thousands of bots dispersed throughout the surface web as well as the deep and dark web. Automate the detection and removal of digital risks that can affect your company, brand and customers.

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Some of the firms that trust Axur

Find risks in real time and react quickly

Data leakage

Find out data leakage of all kinds

Get alerts for credential’s leakages, logins and corporate or customer passwords, credit cards, data from your consumer base and internal documents.

Digital Fraud

Detect and eliminate digital fraud

Block frauds before they even happen. Monitor phishing attacks, malware and pharming usage. Detect stolen accounts, vouchers and fake coupons.

Digital Brand Footprint

Find and eliminate improper use of brand

Identify fake profiles and fake fan pages on social networks. Take down fake apps and illegal paid announcements. Discover similar domains using your brand.

Gain insight into what happens outside your perimeter

Surface Web

Monitor your brand or specific terms on 100% of the pages your customers visit, including social media networks.

Deep Web

Find unindexed pages, hidden content, secret messages and URLs that may host scams involving your brand or customers.

Dark Web

Discover if your brand is being used by virtual criminals in restricted communities, private chats and darknets. Understand what they are planning and anticipate it.

Axur’s automatic detection and response process has brought Empiricus levels we could not have reached in any manual way.

Leandro Câmara
Information Security

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More automation, fewer complications

Configure automation according to your needs and let our technology analyze and remove digital threats for you.

Create safelists for marketing campaigns and authorized partnerships. If you prefer, handle each incident manually, in accordance with your internal standards.

See data and results

Unify your vision of what’s happening outside your perimeter. Analyze results using dashboards and intelligent lists of incidents, threats, takedowns and evidence fundamental to results analysis.

Create efficiency by integrating tools you already use

Increase your productivity by integrating our platform with your preferred SIEM or SOAR. Personalize alerts and response to incidents according to your playbooks.

Get insight outside your perimeter

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