Identity Theft

Find fake pages that display your brand and stop fraud

Digital fraud is a big business. It’s powered by criminals who copy brand names on the internet and use them to hook unsuspecting people. One of those hijacked brands could be yours, threatening you and your customers with financial and data losses.

Find out if your brand is being used by fraudsters

Whether it’s your logo, the appropriation of your visual identity, or a “simple” mention, cybercriminals use your brand as bait to propagate scams and frauds. Anticipate these situations and remove the danger automatically.

Automated searches can find out if fraudsters are using your EIN for scams

While a page using your EIN (Employer Identification Number) may not explicitly display your brand, fraudsters can still use it as bait. Alert yourself to frauds that use EINs and variations, and take down the illicit pages.

Scale your ability to handle threats by viewing data and numbers

It’s simple to check all the frauds that have been detected, removed, or are currently being dealt with. When you can analyze the data and understand cybercriminal behavior, your risk management goes upscale.

Through the volume of announcements we have taken down, we had 20% to 30% increase in our income in e-commerce.

André Bandeira
Country Manager

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More automation, fewer complications

Filter tickets according to the risk level analyzed by machine learning, and remove threats to your company with one click. Or automate everything.

View data and results

Using Axur’s dashboards, data and graphs, you’ll be able to analyze threats, incidents, removals and histories.

Integrate with other tools

Customize your alert management and risk response. Be more productive by integrating Axur’s tools with those you already use.

Get insight outside your perimeter

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