Remove unlawful content in batches, with a single click

With Axur's OneShot you can automatically trigger specialized notifications for multiple infractions, all at once. Attain greater agility than with individual removals, and eliminate the dangers faster.

Get specialized removal without losing automation’s agility

Using Axur’s expertise, OneShot removals are done automatically, with personalized notifications that detail each provider, social network or marketplace. With just one click the notifications are instantly sent.

You can depend on machine learning to analyze and remove risks

Machine learning shows you the level and danger associated with each detection. You define which criteria serve as a trigger for automatic removal and notifications.

Save money by removing fake products, apps and profiles

Violations that appear in batches demand financial and human resources to remove each one individually. With OneShot, you can group similar dangers together and respond to them as one, lowering your operating costs.

Through the volume of announcements we have taken down, we had 20% to 30% increase in our income in e-commerce.

André Bandeira
Country Manager

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