Remove fake pages that rob your customers

Phishing is a fake page that attempts to impersonate your company in order to carry out digital frauds and scams. Such fraud can cause serious financial loss and irreversible damage to a company’s credibility.

Detect and automate the removal of false pages

Benefit from advanced machine learning models that can detect phishing and automatically remove fake sites. Create customized rules so that the process takes place according to your strategy and let our artificial intelligence do the rest.

Detect URLs that are visible only on mobile devices or in specific regions

Our bots search for phishing pages of every type and appearance, including those precisely created to avoid detection, such as sites that only appear on mobile formats or in other parts of the world.

Identify phishing attacks before they occur

Receive alerts when someone attempts to copy your site or detect phishing pages that have been linked to it. Quarantine suspicious domains and receive immediate notification if a change occurs.

Through the volume of announcements we have taken down, we had 20% to 30% increase in our income in e-commerce.

André Bandeira
Country Manager

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More automation, fewer complications

Filter tickets according to the risk level analyzed by machine learning, and remove threats to your company with one click. Or automate everything.

View data and results

Using Axur’s dashboards, data and graphs, you’ll be able to analyze threats, incidents, removals and histories.

Integrate with other tools

Customize your alert management and risk response. Be more productive by integrating Axur’s tools with those you already use.

Get insight outside your perimeter

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