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Remove fake accounts impersonating your brand on social media

Track and eliminate fake pages that use your brand to steal your sales, spread scams in your company’s name and tarnish your reputation.

Tela da plataforma Axur para remoção de perfis falsos das redes sociais.
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Tela da plataforma Axur para remoção de perfis falsos das redes sociais.

Forget the manual work! Use smart algorithms to monitor +25 social networks

Forget the manual work! Use smart algorithms to monitor +25 social networks

Easily and automatically remove fake pages and gain productivity while safeguarding the authority of your brand’s real page.

  1. Register the official brand
  2. Receive a list of the fakes detected
  3. Request removal with just one click!

Reclaim sales lost to fraudsters that are using fake pages that mimic your brand

Fake pages hijack customers that would otherwise make purchases from the offers on your official page. By eliminating fake pages, you can retain sales that would otherwise be lost to fraudsters and prevent them from succeeding even before they attack.

Track the removal graphics and demonstrate your company’s effectiveness in the battle against digital fraud

Gain insight into data and results. Perform precise analyses using dashboards, numbers and graphics regarding incidents, threats, removals and records.

Strengthen your digital presence

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When you remove fake pages, you stop dishonest sales tactics against the official brand and prevent legal expenses that might result from customers who have been harmed by fake pages.
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Be a brand that protects your customers’ shopping experience and safeguards the whole community against the losses that fake pages can cause.
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Preserve the credibility that your brand has earned and keep your customers from being scammed by a fake page.

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Axur - Digital experiences made safe

Axur - Digital experiences made safe

We improve our technology daily so that companies like yours can be aware of fraud and external threats that exist at every level of the web. These can put thousands of consumers and employees at risk.

We use the full potential of artificial intelligence to boost the protection of your data, your brand and your customers. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology and digital security know-how, we provide a thorough 24/7 simplified overview of the internet.

Axur - Digital experiences made safe
Axur. Digital experiences made safe

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