Sensitive data

Monitor data leaked from your company's executives

An executive's reputation is more than a mere image. Sensitive corporate data can be used for fraud and illicit financial gain. Once leaked, it can be exposed and sold in thousands of places on the web.

Scan exposed data and information on the web

Our bots monitor every layer of the web 24/7, looking for breaches that affect you and your executives. Receive automatic alerts about sensitive data that’s been leaked or exposed.

  • Personal or corporate data, such as emails, EIN, bank details and addresses
  • Images of documents such as driver’s licenses and other IDs
  • Internal or corporate documents, contracts and PDFs
  • Email messages and logs

Identify suspicious patterns and prevent scams involving your executives

Upgrade and professionalize your company’s risk management by receiving complete information, data and timely reports. Check patterns of cybercriminal behavior and gain scale in addressing all types of situations.

Recognize and remove illicit content faster

Our advanced machine learning analysis enables you to assess risk levels and respond to the threats that are most relevant. You can eliminate what you need to with just one click, or automate the entire removal process.

Through the volume of announcements we have taken down, we had 20% to 30% increase in our income in e-commerce.

André Bandeira
Country Manager

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More automation, fewer complications

Filter tickets according to the risk level analyzed by machine learning, and remove threats to your company with one click. Or automate everything.

View data and results

Using Axur’s dashboards, data and graphs, you’ll be able to analyze threats, incidents, removals and histories.

Integrate with other tools

Customize your alert management and risk response. Be more productive by integrating Axur’s tools with those you already use.

Get insight outside your perimeter

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