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Join us and make the internet a safer place

We are the Axurians! When you join our team, you become part of a company offering cutting-edge technology and a product that truly makes a difference in people’s lives.

Amplify your sight for risks beyond the firewall

How is working at Axur


Why work here?

Why work here?
Selo Great Place to Work

Seal Great Place to Work

Seal Great Place to Work

Our culture, values, purpose, business transparency, personal autonomy and attractive physical spaces are just a few of the features that make us a GPTW.

What makes Axur a GPTW



We encourage each Axurian’s growth through our Individual Development Plan (IDP), so he or she will be recognized and receive new challenges at the company.

Quality of life

You can work from wherever you’d like, on the schedule you choose. You have our full vote of confidence!

Responsive teams

We have adopted a multidisciplinary squad model that is self-managed and focused on prompt delivery—this adds real value for the end client.

International presence

Our rapid expansion is the result of recognized leadership in the Brazilian market as well as our work with the sector’s foremost international organizations.

Casual atmosphere

Our offices and communications are horizontal. Our environment is open and has no visible hierarchies. If they choose, Axurians can work comfortably on a sofa or beanbag.

Enjoy autonomy and constant learning in Axur’s Engineering Department

Enjoy autonomy and constant learning in Axur’s Engineering Department

The Engineering team’s mission is essential to our clients: developing every aspect of our digital security tools through the use of cutting-edge technology and machine learning.

We have built our technology’s foundation on three solid pillars: continuous delivery, autonomous microservices, and infrastructure as code.

What it’s like to work with Axur’s Engineering Team
Enjoy autonomy and constant learning in Axur’s Engineering Department

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Discover more about our values

Customer first

Our clients bring challenges from every sector and corner of the world, so they are our primary motivation.

Room for grown-up people

We encourage a healthy balance between personal and professional life through autonomy and flexible schedules.

Unrestricted respect

Regardless of who or how you are, we believe in the power of diversity and mutual respect among everyone.

Intellectual humility

Innovations are constantly emerging, and can come from anywhere! To be heard, one must listen without judging.

More data, less opinion

We believe that data are the best rationale and generate the best ideas! We are 100% data driven.

True ownership

At Axur, you too are an owner of the company. Talk with everyone! Learn from everyone!

Passion for smart results

Want to create a new tool? Every suggestion is welcome! Don’t ever hesitate to offer ideas.

World-class team

Teamwork comes only when each colleague’s qualities are valued. Everyone helping one another!

In the long run...

Thinking long-term is thinking so that your actions result in the greatest positive impact possible!

Positions available

At Axur, you will work in an unconventional niche with the latest technology, as well as having autonomy for decision making in a relaxed and challenging environment.

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