Guarantee your partners, dealers and associates comply with your brand's rules of use on top of looking out for those who unlawfully use your brand image to sell their products.

How our monitoring works

  • Define What's Important

    Create a whitelist with all your partnerships and the rules of compliance they should follow. Our platform will use this information to identify unauthorized associations with your brand and rules that are not being met.

  • Monitor all digital channels

    With priorities defined, we use Artificial Intelligence to monitor every channel in search of compliance infractions or fake partnerships. The occurences are mapped so you have total control and can react quickly when a problem appears.

  • Remove the risks for your brand

    With the problems identified, we notify partners to correct the content. You can also rely on Assisted Takedown or OneShot, our automatic takedown tool, to remove your brand from the page of a fake partner.

36 hours

36 hours average time from detection to correction of the threat.

85 %

85% success rate for elimination of risks.

88 %

88% cases solved in up to 2 notifications.

Axur Digital Experiences Made safe
Identify unauthorized use of the mark

Your partnership, your rules

Guarantee quality relationships

Keep your network of partners operating under the same rules and create a service standard that increases customer satisfaction.

Value those alongside you

Blocking improper use of your brand shows your partners how much you value their business and partnership.

Partner Compliance protects your brand against:

Compliance violation

Compliance rules exist so that everyone who speaks in the name of your brand does so in the best way possible. This gives the user the security that they are dealing with an official partner. Failure to comply with these rules puts the relationship with your customers at risk.

Unauthorized Partners

This is when a company says they have a partnership or other type of relationship with your brand, when, in fact, they don’t. This practice removes clients/customers from the correct purchase flow and affects your conversion rates.

Appropriation of identity

Partners (authorized or otherwise) who assume your identity and impersonate your brand can confuse users. In these cases, your customers are unable to distinguish a partner’s site from the official site, leading to misunderstandings.

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Emails from unauthorized partners

It’s easy for unauthorized partners to assume the identity of your brand when sending emails. This practice affects user confidence in the emails you send, putting your relation with clients at risk.

Monitor Emails from Unauthorized Partners
partner compliance

Custom protection

Protect your brand against misuse of partners

Partner Compliance

  • Identify partners using your brand improperly

Choose a safer internet for your brand and your clients

Frequent questions

Still not sure about something? Take a look at the answers we've prepared to help you.

Does Axur have access to any internal information from my company?

No, Axur’s services only monitor threats outside your perimeter, that is, anything beyond your firewall. All information stored on our platform is public data that represents some risk to your company.

Does Axur offer services and support?

Yes, we make every effort to ensure that all our customers have the best experience with our Customer Success department. In addition, we have a CSIRT consisting of a Professional Services team who are specialists in Digital Risks.

Which data sources are monitored by Axur?

Axur One protects our customers from digital risks found in social networks, mobile, superficial web, deep web, marketplaces, spam email and other digital platforms. Monitoring sources may vary according to the needs of our customers.

How do I get to know the Axur One platform?

Fill in your contact information at our Request a Demo page and one of our specialists will contact you.