Threat Intelligence

We scan the deep web for evidence of database, credit card, illegal services and the planning of attacks. We use Artificial Intelligence to accelerate analysis and minimize reaction time when a threat is identified.

How our monitoring works

  • Define What's Important

    We identify every possible scenario that could affect you company on the deep web, always keeping your area of operation in mind.

  • Monitor all digital channels

    With priorities defined, we use our expertise to monitor the deep web, infiltrating ourselves in fraudulent networks that use channels such as: TOR Network, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Discord, Forums, Closed Groups and many others.

  • Know before your brand is put at risk

    As soon as a threat is identified, we trigger alerts and create personalized reports with everything that you need to know about them. That means you will have the information you need to put your plan of action into operation.

Threat Intelligence to protect your business against credential and credit card sales

We go far to guarantee your security

Know before everybody

Our platform constantly monitors risks, so you can take the necessary actions and protect your clients. All before the problem becomes big news.

Stay in control

Data is always protected thanks to a well-defined plan based upon preventing incidents. This plan guarantees your security and that of your clients.

Threat Intelligence Discovery protects your brand against:

Fraudulent accounts

From e-commerce to bank accounts, phishing schemes steal your information to trade it on the deep web, in order to use it for fraud.

Fake screens for phishing

The trading of ready-made screens that simulate pages of large companies, such as banks. These screens are used to trick users in phishing schemes.

Credit card trading

Credit card numbers and PIN codes, stolen through internet fraud, are sold for illegal use without their owners’ knowledge.

Payment of slips and bills

Illegal payment services that use money from stolen accounts. In exchange, whoever uses the service hands a percentage of the amount paid onto the scheme operators.

Illegal purchase approvals

Illegal service that offers stolen accounts on the deep web for making purchases. This happens without the consent of the card owner, who rarely suspects anything has happened.

Validation of accounts and credit cards

Creation and availability of specific software for validating e-commerce accounts or stolen credit cards.

Unauthorized access to systems

Use of stolen passwords or exploitation of security flaws and vulnerabilities to access the systems of companies without authorization.

Threat Intelligence to protect your business against credential and credit card sales
Threat Intelligence Discovery

Custom protection

Threat Intelligence to protect your business against data leakage

Threat Intelligence Discovery

  • Deep wep Threat Scanning

Choose a safer internet for your brand and your clients

Frequent questions

Still not sure about something? Take a look at the answers we've prepared to help you.

Does Axur have access to any internal information from my company?

No, Axur’s services only monitor threats outside your perimeter, that is, anything beyond your firewall. All information stored on our platform is public data that represents some risk to your company.

Does Axur offer services and support?

Yes, we make every effort to ensure that all our customers have the best experience with our Customer Success department. In addition, we have a CSIRT consisting of a Professional Services team who are specialists in Digital Risks.

Which data sources are monitored by Axur?

Axur One protects our customers from digital risks found in social networks, mobile, superficial web, deep web, marketplaces, spam email and other digital platforms. Monitoring sources may vary according to the needs of our customers.

How do I get to know the Axur One platform?

Fill in your contact information at our Request a Demo page and one of our specialists will contact you.