It’s possible to have
a company free from
fake profiles

Axur artificial intelligence can help you track and eliminate risks for your brand and clients.

Complete guide to secure digital presence

An essential guide for CEOs, digital marketing and security teams who are concerned with mitigating digital risks.

Axur Oval Shape Digital Security for Business
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The solutions to protect your digital presence

We utilise the full potential of artificial intelligence to offer tailor-made protection against digital risks.

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Rapid takedown

Our experience and technology work together to act quickly and protect the reputation of your brand.

Support in all
phases of the project

Our team can offer additional support, from onboarding to technical assistance.

Protection for

We provide solutions that guarantees protection for the data of company executives.

We monitor every layer of the web, 24h a day

We monitor every layer of the web, 24h a day

+1.2 B

Pages and messages identified each month by our collectors.

+210 M

Brazilian or unicode domains analyzed, in over 500 different extensions.

+180 M

Posts analyzed by specialized algorithms.

+44 M

SMS analyzed by specialized algorithms.

All this using the power of artificial intelligence

We track the evolution of digital risks using the latest technology. This means our systems not only learn to detect threats, but also identify changes in the way they are executed.

Result: rapid detection and removal

36 hours

Average time from detection to correction of the threat.


Cases solved in up to 2 notifications


Success rate for elimination of risks.

Evidence record

All incident information is categorised and stored, making it entirely effortless to find actionable data you need for legal processes.

Total visibility

Easily access all relevant information about a potential threat to your brand's reputation. Our platform collects and presents data in real-time so you're immediately updated as incidents occur.


Get notifications via email or integrations. Our platform can notify you whenever it identifies a new incident according to your preferences, enabling you to act immediately.

With all our integrations, no alert will pass by unnoticed

We protect the digital presence of hundreds of brands around the world

Semi Circle Axur Digital Protection for Business

"Axur has a team of highly knowledgeable professionals who are committed and engaged with the latest issues related to security and DNS stability on a global level."

Daniel Fink, Engagement Sr Manager

"Axur has been engaging in collaborative work in the industry through the efforts of its Engagement with the Community, which has made a real difference in helping bring the industry together on key issues related to abuse on the web."

Sara Roper, Vice Chair Person

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